Walk for Values

 A 6 km Walk for Values was conducted in Colombo the Morning of April 24, 2016. There were children from the Bal Vika, in full strength, Sai Youths in large numbers and elders of both gender who actively participated. This Walk was undertaken to give expression to the values expounded by Bhagavan, to the world outside, as instruments, for the transformation of the general public. Participants were grouped under the 5 values, with placards displaying the values and Sai Messages related to these values, which are essential for establishing dharmic life in this world. Along the path of walk, Sai Gayathri and Gaythri Mantarawere chanted alternatively for sanctifying the atmosphere. At the end of the walk, a one hour bhajan was held. Around 350 participated. Similar events were held in Centers around the country.


Sarva Dharma Monument

 In Vavuniya, the Sai Samithi in Vavuniya opened a newly constructed Sarva Dharma monument 12 feet in height on April 24, 2016.