SSIO, Sri Lanka –Activity Report April 2014 to March 2015


Mobile Medical Camp was conducted in Senaipilavu in the Vavuniya district. Senaipilavu is a resettlement village. Around 360 people were screened and treatment with medicine free of charge was provided. 4 Doctors, 1 Paramedic and 4 sevadals participated.

Mobile Medical camp was conducted in a Vasgamuva in the Kandy district on June 1, 2014. This was a follow up camp help after 18 months. Vasgamuva is a remote village where people have to travel more than 50 kms to obtain medical services. Around 750 people were screened, treated and free medicine was provided. Eye screening was also done and 225 persons were given Reading Glasses free of charge and 24 people were identified to undergo Cataract Surgery. 8 Doctors, 2 Paramedics and 4 Sevadals participated. 

Kataragama Temple had its Annual Temple Festival during the month of July 2014. This festival attracts people of all communities and from all parts of the country. Hundreds of thousands of people come on pilgrimage. Many even come on Pada Yathra, walking more than 300 kms.  A Mobile medical camp was held in the Kataragama Temple Premises to assist the Temple Authorities and Health Services Authority from 9th to 12th July 2014 (4 days). A total of 1,038 patients were screened and relevant medicines were provided. Some patients were referred to the respective local hospitals for continuation of treatment. The patients treated had Eye problems (Conjunctivitis, Cataract related), Medical Problems (Hypertension, Ischemic Heart Diseases, Diabetes Mellitus), Respiratory Problems (Acute Severe Asthma, COPD, Acute Bronchitis, Lung Infections), Common Problems (Fever, Cold, Headache, Abdominal pain, Diarrhea, Malnutrition), Skin Problems (Simple allergy, Cellulites, Wounds, Cut Injuries) and Dental Problems (Pyorrhea, Dental Carries, Bad Odours). Acute patients received nebulization. 7 Doctors, 2 Pharmacists and 3 Sevadals participated.

A Mobile Medical camp was organized in Thannamarawady Village in the Trincomalee district on August 9, 2014. Thannamarawady is a resettlement village. 51 families benefited from this Medical Camp. 62 people were screened for diabetes and hypertension and provided treatment. Eye screening was done for 58 persons and 48 persons were provided spectacle free of charge. 3 persons were identified to undergo cataract surgery

A Mobile Medical camp was organized in Oori Village in the Karainagar Jaffna (Peninsula) on November 2, 2014. Around 100 people were screened, provided treated / medical advice and free medicine. A Narayana Seva was also conducted in parallel to the Mobile Medical Camp. 100 people were served lunch. 100 Needy people were given relief pack containing dry rations. While the medical camp and Narayana Seva was going on, Video on Swamy was shown to children.

A Mobile Medical camp was organized in Oddisuddan in the Mullaitivu district on March 8, 2015. Around 150 people were screened, provided treated / medical advice and free medicine. A Narayana Seva was also conducted in parallel to the Mobile Medical Camp. 300 people were served lunch. 117 Needy people were given relief pack containing dry rations. While the medical camp and Narayana Seva was going on, Video on Swamy was shown to around 100 children


A Medical Clinic is conducted every last Sunday of the Month at Kalyani Gangarama Temple Mattakuliya. On average around 130 people living in slum areas are screened, provided medical advice and given medicine free of change. Around 4-6 doctors, 1 paramedic and 2 Sevadals participated. Lunch parcels are also provided to those who attend the medical clinic.

A Medical Clinic is conducted twice a month at Esswary Puram village in the Vavuniya District. On average around 100 people are screened provided medical advice and given medicine free of change. 1 doctor, 1 paramedic and 3 Sevadals participated.

A Medical Clinic is conducted twice a month at Poompugar village in the Vavuniya District. On average around 70 people are screened provided medical advice and given medicine free of change. 1 doctor, 1 paramedic and 3 Sevadals participated


Follow up on Persons identified to undergo cataract surgery during the Mobile Medical held during year 2013 & 2014 was done and arrangements were made with Jaffna, Batticaloa and Kandy hospital authorities were made to perform Cataract Surgery. Sathya Sai International Organization, Sri Lanka provided the lenses required for the Cataract Surgery and the Surgery was done with the help of Surgeons who are Sai Devotees.

Persons indentified to undergo surgery are transported from their villages using out own Ambulance to the hospital. Once the Surgery is performed and patients discharged from the hospital, they are given after care at the nearest Sai Center and transported back to their villages by our own Ambulance. In total 104 Cataract Surgeries Organized by the Sathya Sai International Organization of Sri Lanka were performed during the period April 2014 to March 2015

Cancer Hospice

Inaugurated in July 2002, the hospice contains 50 beds and is managed by a committee of members attached to various Sai organizations of Sri Lanka and its main objective is to treat terminal cancer patients and offer palliative care and love.

On average there are about 20 patients and sai devotees of all ages to render service without differences of caste, creed or race and also celebrate festivals such as Sinhala and Tamil New Year and Christmas at the Hospice with Special Bhajans, and distribute gifts to all inmates and staff.  The inmates are also taken on a day tour annually to a place of their interest such as Temples, Planetarium etc


People living in Vavuniya district like in many other districts use Underground Well Water for their daily needs and consumption. In the recent past there had been a rise in kidney related disease in the Vavuniya District due to high Calcium content in the Underground Well Water. With the approval of the relevant authorities A Water Purification Plant was constructed in the premises of the Sai Children Home in Vavuniya at a cost of around USD.17,000.00. Underground Well Water is purified following International Standards and distributed to people living in Vavuniya. This plant was inaugurated on December 18, 2014 and this project was named “Chithrawathy Water Project”. The plant has the capacity to process and produce 10,000 liters of Purified Drinking Water on a daily basis. Regular maintenance and checks are done to make sure quality is maintained. Around 1,000 families benefit daily by obtaining purified drinking water free of charge.


Sathya Sai International Organization of Sri Lanka undertook to adopt 2 additional villages in the Eastern Part of Sri Lanka. They are Uththuchenai & Vadamunai. In April 2014 a Social Mobilization and awareness meetings were held at these villages and a need assessment done and data collected about the villages and the individual families. Based on the need assessment survey and the prioritization process done, the followings have been identified by the villagers to fulfill their minimum basic requirements. To provide consumer items specially the food items.

1.    Construct 2 common Deep dug wells each in Vadamuani and Uthuchenai.
2.    Provide Milking cows to 47 war widows to improve their income generating activity.
3.    Provide kitchen utensils.
4.    Provide agricultural inputs for the home garden cultivation in rainy seasons.
5.    Provide clothing.
6.    Establish the Spiritual farm to improve their livelihood related activities.
7.    Provide beds for disabled persons.
8.    Provide sewing machine and a training to two ladies.

Thereafter as a first step in April 2014, Dry Ration were distributed to 97 families of Vadamuani village and Dry Rations were distributed to 148 families in in Uththuchenai Village.  During the month of May 2014 once again Dry Ration packs were distributed to 250 families in Uththuchenai and Vadamunai. A bed was also given to one of the family. In August 2014, 3 Milking cows and 3 calves were given to 3 War Widows and in November 2014 another 7 milking cows and 2 calves were given to 7 war widows. Aso in March 2015, 8 milking cows and 2 buffaloes were given to 10 war widows. During the month of September and October 2 deep dug wells, one each in Uththuchenai and Vadamunai were constructed and handed- over to the villagers to sort out their drinking water problem and to fulfill their domestic needs. Also during the month of August 2014, vegetable seeds provided to 250 families in Vadamuani and to cultivate home garden in the rainy season. During the month of March 2015, several types of Sarees  and  dresses to 500 women was distributed. Sarongs and Shirts to 50 men and dresses to 200  children were distributed to Vadamuani and Uththuchenai  villages. 

Poompugar Village in Ariyalai in the Jaffna Peninsula was another village adopted under SSVIP. This is a resettlement village is situated in the south western coast of Jaffna Peninsula. People were allowed to come in to this village in 2011 after an internal displacement of 25 years as a result of the civil war. There are 185 families and the total population is 510. Their main occupation is fishing and manual labour. Houses and wells were shattered during the war. Majority are living in cottages. The Sathya Sai International Organization, Sri Lanka commenced its service activities in 2012 and is still continuing. Service done from the beginning to date is listed below. Repair of 22, Repair of 4 houses, Supply of a water pump to the school, Supply of a generator to the Nursery,  wells Construction of Community hall, Drinking water on taps to 35 families, Water tank, Motor, pipes, taps and construction of a Well. Bhajans are conducted weekly, Film on swami was shown, Narayana Seva, Distribution of Dry Ration Packs and clothes were undertaken.


A family in Methirigiriya Pollanaruwa whose house was completed destroyed by the floods during the year 2013 were given assistance to complete the house. The completion of the house was done under the UK Housing Project fund.  (Please refer SL_HousingProject-01.jpg, SL_HousingProject-02.jpg and SL_HousingProject-03.jpg)

In the course of providing relief during a period of flooding in June 2013, the mahilas undertook to support a family of four. The mother, a casual laborer, was unemployed due to the floods and the father, being epileptic, is permanently unemployed. The mahilas undertook to complete the construction of their partially built house by swami’s birthday 2014.

A family of 6 in Kondavil, Jaffna district were assisted to construct a new house. The father is a stroke patient and could not sustain the family and lived in a makeshift hut.

In Anaikottai, Jaffna district a woman with 5 children was assisted to construct a new house. Her husband had deserted her and she could not sustain looking after her family.

A family of 5 in Sethankerni in the Jaffna District were given assistance to build a complete new house. This famiy was below poverty level and lived in makeshift house.

A family of 6 in Kokavil in the Jaffna District were given assistance to complete building a their house which was a semi permanent structure. This family was also below poverty level.


During the month of May there was heavy rains in the Southern part of the country and there was flooding in many areas. Emergency relief work was undertook to provide food parcels comprising bread and seeni sambol to 900 people in Agalwatte Area, 500 people in Kalutara Area and 500 people in Milleniya Area. Dry Provisions, Toiletries and Drinking water was also distributed to 80 families each from Plainthanuwera Area and Plalana Estate in the Agalwatta area.

During the month of December also there was heavy rains in most parts of the country and many areas in the Eastern Region went under water. Vadamunai and Uththuchenai villages which were adopted under the SSVIP also got affected badly. The entire village went under water and they were cut off for about a week from the main roads making the village inaccessible. Sevadals and youths with the help of Army distributed Dry ration packs to 250 families of Vadamuani and Uthuchenai. 500 ladies garments, 250 blankets to protect elderly people and small children and mats were also distributed.

Roofing sheets were provided to 27 families in the Poombuhar village in Ariyalai in the Norther Region whose houses were damaged due to heavy rains during the month of December 2014.


Sai Shakthi Project which is a project initiated by Mahilas to provide livelihood to War Widows was initiated. This project was initiated in areas badly affected by the recently concluded conflict. Underprivileged women have been provided with sewing machine by the mahilas. A building for the sewing centre has been leased out and a mahila member have now undertaken the task of guiding the trainees to turn out quality items which could be easily be sold. The Sai Shakthi project was implemented in 14 Sai Centers and the beneficiaries are primarily women headed households and they earn enough money to meet their day to day requirement of the family. Needle work training program was conducted in Batticaloa Centre, Periyakallar Centre, Kallady Centre, Karativu Centre, Vantharumoolai, Thirukkovil Centre and Thamviluvil Centre.

59 School children from families below poverty level living in Killinochchi district were selected to undergo EHV program. This program was inaugurated on November 16, 2014. Weekly EHV classes for the children and their parents are conducted in a school in Killinochchi. Monthly contribution is made for every child’s studies. Similar program has been inaugurated in one of the Day Care Centers in a suburb of Colombo. 100 books have also been donated to improve children’s literacy in Sinhala & English.

More than 100 English story books have been provided to the Mulathivu Centre to start a library and to donate the books to the primary schools around the area in order to raise the standard of the language.

15 School children from Kandavalai in the Killinochchi district who come from resettled families below poverty level and affected by war were given Push Bicycles. These school children have to walk many kms to school due to lack of proper transport facilities. A well was reconstructed and handed over to the villagers in Kandavalai in the Killinochchi district on June 1, 2014.

On Swamy’s Avatharhood day, Narayana Seva was conducted by many centers around the country. Around 1,500 food parcels were distributed.


The Sathya Sai Children’s Home in Vavuniya was established on 19th January 2003 in the village of Koomankulam, Vavuniya District, Northern Province. It was built to accommodate about 50 orphaned children who had lost their parents over the last 20 years of conflict. Currently 28 destitute boys reside in this Home. The Sathya Sai Children’s Home not only provides food and shelter but also takes care of all their physical, mental and spiritual needs, including schooling and education. Sathya Sai devotees have lovingly introduced them to the concepts of Sathya Sai Education in Human Values, bhajans and selfless service. During first week of August 2014, Youths made arrangements for the children from Sai Children home to be brought to Colombo and participate in a friendly cricket tournament with another Children Home. Youths also made arrangements for Children to visit places of interest like the Sita Temple and Hanuman temple in Nuwareliya.


The Sathya Sai School was inaugurated on the October 28, 2002 in Manipay, Jaffna District in Northern Sri Lanka. This School is a full–time, independent, private school that integrates secular education with spiritual education, fostering character development and the practice of human values in daily life, based on the spiritual teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Currently from Pre-school to Grade 12 there are 187 students in the school with 19 teachers. The school follows the National Educational Curriculum developed by the Government. It is supplemented with Sathya Sai Education in Human Values Programme integrated into the curricular and co-curricular activities. They are as follows, Adoption of Baghavan’s five teaching techniques, Regular spiritual Sadhana (such as Vedic chanting, prayers, Bhajan singing, Meditation, service and interaction with parents), and Exemplary behavior of teachers and other staff.

Housing Project

Village Improvement Program