National Sai Youth Conference 2016 - Sri Lanka

Swami's Saying for Youths

"The future of the country depends on the skill and the sincerity of the youth. Therefore, the necessary enthusiasm and encouragement must be generated among the youth. All my hopes are based on the students, the youth. They are very dear to me."
- Baba
Sathya Sai Baba, Sathya Sai Speaks IX (old edition), 34, 184

National Youth Conference 2016

Date of Conference
28th of April, 2016 - 1st of May, 2016
(4 days)

Mayilambhawely, Batticaloa

Theme of the Conference 2016

Inspired by the noble saying of our beloved Lord, a golden opportunity is awaiting us to enlighten our Mind, words, thoughts and deeds.

  • Love is the source
  • Love is the path
  • Love is the Goal
Theme of the conference is based on Love. Swami always insists on Unconditional and Expansive Love for the existence of this planet earth.

The Conference is to...

  • Prepare the Sai youth for the forth- coming International Sai Youth Festival-2016.
  • Emphasize the importance of Sai teachings, among youth, for the welfare of this world, through sharing of knowledge, skills, experiences and talents bound with spiritual discipline.
  • Encourage Sai youth from different backgrounds to be actively involved in Sai Youth activities.
  • Reinforce the Sai youth to carry Sai teachings to the society.

Our goal is to...

  • Provide a platform for the Sai youth to express their talents and skills, as a mean to attain divinity.
  • Develop Sai Youth to shine as an IDEAL (Inspiring, Dynamic, Energetic, Aspiring and Loving) person in the society.

Speaker for Our Conference

Dr. Deepak Anand

Assistant Professor, Department of Management and Commerce, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Prasanthi Nilayam Campus. More Details

Message from National Council President

Loving Sai Ram to all youth boys & girls.

Remember You are all Embodiments of Love. Love is your source; Love should be your path and your Goal. You are full of energy. Love energy, which has been given to you by God. Therefore do not waste that energy in sense pursuits. Spend that in serving the needy. Love God and all His creations. Manifest the Divine Love within you in all your thoughts, words and deeds. Fill all your actions with Love. Serve humanity with Love and win the Grace of our beloved Swami. If you help others Swami will help you in your studies, in your job, in your personal life, in your family life and He will guide you in your spiritual journey as well. Transform work into worship.

Swami says, "only young men and women are capable of eradicating the evils prevailing in the society." He further said, "only youths can Change other youths". You have a big responsibility to Change the world which is stricken with strife, sorrow and despair, into that of Love, peace and harmony. So, dare to become good leaders to take up this challenge which Swami has bestowed on you.

The National Youth Conference in April will show you how to achieve all what has been said above and more. So register early. Inspire your friends and others, even if they are not Sai devotees yet, and also young adults to join and reap the benefits.

The National Council has great pleasure in inviting all of you to participate in full strength on all three days of the conference. The success of the conference depends on your active participation.
May our Beloved Bhagavan shower his Grace and Blessings in full on all of you and on the conference.

Sent with Love
President, National Council
Sathya Sai International Organisation - Sri Lanka

Message from National Youth Coordinator

My dearest brothers and sisters,
We are at the juncture of present era and golden yuga,as what swami proclaimed the ramarajya will be established soon.So how we are going to prepare ourselves to be a citizen of coming period?Here our swami giving the guidance and assurance,that is divine love.Yes,the one and only requirement you have to develop to be a witness of golden era.Come and taste the divine nectar then only you can experience it.A pre activity before our international youth festival will facilitate you to showcase your skills and talents in the international platform.Don't miss this golden opportunity in your verily life.Bring your friends,brothers and sisters to travel along in this divine love path with you. Let us all join our hands and hearts in this thrilling venture journey to reach our goal safely.

Sent with Love
Youth Coordinator, National Council
Sathya Sai International Organisation - Sri Lanka

Official Logo

Official Logo
Swami says we should not be devotees attached to His form, but should be one practicing His teachings. Essence of his teaching is the realization of Divine Love symbolized by the Hirudaya Lingam manifested by Swami on the auspicious Maha Shivarathri day. The shadow of His form is a concentration of his message and the golden color in the background reflect the golden era that swami had promised would adorn the mother earth in the near future.


Activities for the conference
All these activities are designed with the consultation from the National Sai Youth conference team.
  • Nagara Sangeertan, Vedam, Bhajan.
  • Speech from guests reflecting the theme of the conference.
  • Discussions to clear the spritual doubts of Sai Youth.
  • Cultural programmes by the Zones.
  • Sharing youths experiences with Swami.
  • Programme regarding the service projects of SriLankan Sai Youths.
  • Gramma Seva

Accommodation and Dress Code
Accommodation will be provided at the place where the conference is to be held.
  • Please ensure careful use of limited resources such as water and electricity.
  • Food will be provided from April 29th upto May 1st 2016.
  • The dress code would be in line with the Prashanthi Nilayam rules.
  • Men should wear White shirts and White Trousers.
  • Women should wear light coloured sarees(light blue, pink, yellow).
  • The Zonal Youth Coordinators are kindly requested to take note of this dress code.

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